Cowboys DT Okoye Recovers and is Back on the Field

DT Okoye recovers from one-in-a-million brain syndrome that is usually fatal it did put Okoye in a 145 day coma that left him with a significant memory gap of about 145 days.  Well he is back in football now, we wish him much luck getting back into the game and we wish him even more luck dealing with memory loss, there are many who empathize with him so we hope he knows he is not alone in this just reach out there is help and hope.

DT Okoye Recovered 2014Previously the Cowboys and Okoye were tight-lipped over the exact nature of “illness” that had taken the young seemingly healthy 27 year old man out of the game.  We found out that he had contracted anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, an autoimmune syndrome that is potentially fatal. Okoye experienced a series of seizures and was out of football for 17 months. He has since reunited with DC Marinelli and is competing for a rotational role in Dallas. It is also not only a rare syndrome in general it is actually even more rare for a male to have it over a female it is a sad strange turn of events but thankfully he is back and can continue his training and onward to a full recovery.

Okoye was the number 10 overall draft pick in the 2007 draft and hasn’t been a regular starter since 2010. Let’s hope he has recovered enough from this massive medical hit to his immune system to stay healthy enough all year. Most people do not realize the medical implications of a hit to the immune system, but the NFL has Drs. for that he does not need our advice to take it easy.

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Last Comic Standing Reveals Fall Tour

If you are a fan of Last Comic Standing, you should be excited because they have announced that their next tour is nearing. There is no doubt that their events have attracted huge following in almost every city that they have performed. This has been attributed to the fact that they never fail to impress their followers. One thing that sets them apart from the many other performers who offer similar acts is the way that they are unique. Whether you have been to their previous events or not, you should be preparing yourself to attend because now, Last Comic Standing reveals extensive fall tour for 8th season.

Last Comic Standing 2014Many people still talk about the last events that they attended and where this group performed because of the many things that they went through. Indeed, such an event is a perfect opportunity for you to enjoy your time away from the monotony of your work, family duties or any other things that you do often. In addition to watching the amazing performances, you also should expect to meet other people from other parts of this world and enjoy making friends or just learning what they like and how they live their lives.

The upcoming Extensive Last Fall Tour by the Last Coming Standing already promises to be a memorable. Even before the real date has come, preparations are already underway. With such a big event, the organizers do not take chances and this is the reason why they are doing it in advance. This is an assurance to everyone who loves such events that everything will go as planned. You can go with your friends, your family, colleagues or just any other person that you know you can have real fun together. This is one of those events that you cannot afford to miss.

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Judas Priest’s ‘Redeemer Of Souls’ Tour With Steel Panther

Judas Priest remains an English heavy metal group band. The band is known for its twin lead guitars. Judas Priest operates with a wide range vocal style. They often unleash the S and M leather & studs appearance into heavy metal music. From research and feasibility study, the band has sold several albums to hold their accomplishments in the entertainment industry. Nevertheless, Judas Priest is known as one of the most and finest unique heavy metal bands of all time. Offering quality songs to fans, they have been discovered as unique by other artists. MTV has ranked Judas Priest as the 2nd greatest metal band group of all time. The band has been independently offering their fans top-notch music that sounds different. With repeated alterations at the drummer position, Judas Priest is still capable to give fans quality music that glows with pride. Of recent, Judas Priest unveils ‘Redeemer of Souls’ tour with Steel Panther. This will mark a great change to the band. This collaboration is one of its kind when talking about heavy metal band songs. The group has successfully unleashed several albums that is worth endorsing as one of the best in the world.

One of the speculations that lead to Judas Priest unveils ‘Redeemer of Souls’ tour with Steel Panther is based on fans choice. Since the fans of Judas Priest wanted something innovative and informative, they have decided to give everyone the best of their music. If you are willing to hear more of this heavy metal band, it is highly important not to miss the tour. They are prepared to unleash the best of their music to garner the presence of their fans. With great achievement, the group is set to fly on high again as their tour is near the corner. You are sure to get the best from the Judas Priest band in collaboration with Steel Panther.

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Chromeo Announces ‘Frequent Flyer Tour’

The media is spilling the news everywhere, as the headlines read, “Chromeo Announces ‘Frequent Flyer Tour’ Across North America.” This is to promote their latest album ‘White Women’. Now if you don’t know who this band is, here is your chance to give them a try. This Canadian band consists of duo David Macklovitch aka Dave 1 and Patrick Gemayel aka P-Thugg who came together back into 2002 and created this electro-funk band. The band gives a modern day twist on a combination of disco, jazz and dance/pop music.This is a genre that has been sweeping across the United States, Australia and Canada.
The ‘Frequent Flyer Tour’, is being presented by Mallard Air and will feature other artists such as Big Freedia, Wave Racer and Mapei. When fans see the headline, “Chromeo Announces ‘Frequent Flyer Tour’ Across North America”, being promoted, the first thing they are looking for is the closest venue to them. Chromeo is scheduled to perform in close to 30 different venues in Canada and USA. The band will be performing in popular venues in places such as Seattle, New Orleans, Montreal, Chicago, Los Angeles, Calgary, Tuscon, San Diego, Birmingham, Columbus, Philadelphia, New York and many others. The group is definitely not discriminating against any location to show their best album featuring the leading single, “Sexy Socialite.”

Rumor on the rumor mill has it, that 2014 is the year for Chromeo to shine and rise to the top. After over 10 years of existence, many are stating that it is about time for this. People everywhere, are saying that this band has gotten stronger with regards to their music; which has been featured on video games and television shows around the globe. This group is definitely not your average funk band, they are well-educated jokesters with a lot of talent; they’ve just been waiting for the perfect moment to shine.

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Bassnectar Reveals Tour For Release of ‘Noise vs Beauty’

Lorin Ashton remains with the stage name called Bassnectar. Research has made it clear that he remained a freeform electronic music producer. With his DJ talent, the star is set to claim the total atmosphere of success. Live performances are something that Bassnectar can do perfectly. With another light show talent, he is found with fun that fans like watching. Nevertheless, Bassnectar also can get involved in community engagement shows. Research has shown that Bassnectar emanated from metal and rock bands. There are certain fields that reflect the song of Bassnectar. Nirvana, Metallica, and Megadeth really display the origination of the Bassnectar music. Bassnectar reveals tour supporting release of ‘Noise vs Beauty’ has become a reality. Quality has always remained the watch word of Bassnectar. Bassnectar reveals tour supporting release of ‘Noise vs Beauty’ as mentioned earlier has made the young lad grew in fame. With his hand on deck, Bassnectar is sure to unleash top-notch music that other artists will patronize.

The DJ and singer is preparing to make the world know his goal. With fans on his mind, there is every possibility for the world to experience the best from him. Bassnectar is dedicated, committed and serious to remain focus when offering fans quality songs. He has released several albums to crown his salience in the entertainment industry. For this reason, fans have been following his song with total serious and dedication. Bassnectar reveals tour supporting release of ‘Noise vs Beauty’ is another flow that the DJ and singer is planning to give fans. It will really shake the world with his new goal and objective. Bassnectar is completely happy to share his tour with fans all over the world. In case you like to know more about Bassnectar, it is important to follow the tour details. You are sure to be in tune with him soon.

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Widespread Panic Announces 2014 Fall Tour

Widespread Panic is a popular America rock band from Athens, Georgia. There are several members that make up the band. This can be found in the likes of percussionist Domingo Sunny Ortiz, bassist Dave Schools, keyboardist John JoJo Hermann, guitarist Jimmy Herring, drummer Todd Nance, George McConnell, Michael House, and singer/guitarist John Bell. The band was formed in Athens, Georgia and it did offer fans quality music. While checking through the biggest America jam rocks, the band remain highly reputable and unique. One big spot for Widespread Panic band is the Allman Brothers. They also gain great influence from other source such as blues-rock, funk, southern rock, progressive rock, and many more. When talking about the Widespread Panic Tickets, you are sure to call names such as Grateful, Phish and just to mention a few.

Widespread Panic Tour 2014The songs of the band remain inspirational and unique. This is because they have taking time in offering enthusiasts and fans the best result. Based on the fact that Widespread Panic is real and determined, the band is always joyful over their achievements. The announcement of the fall tour is to open up to the public of their new plan. Fans are sure to hear a new release from the band. Widespread Panic announces fall tour remain a great capture to inform fans of their deep joy to release something new. In fact, the fall tour ill also help the Widespread Panic have a clearer view of how people see their song. In case you are a full fan of the band, the fall tour will expose more about Widespread Panic. The encouragement the band gets is often when a tour is planned. The announcement of the fall tour will also help Widespread to stick to their plan and offer fans the best. You can always hook up with this band and get the best solution. With any Concert Tickets you’re looking for, OnlineSeats can help you get to any event while staying affordable.

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Susan Boyle Announces First American Tour

The Scottish singer, Susan Boyle, announces her first American Tour. A dream come true for the singer who rose to fame after almost winning in the 2009′s Britain’s Got Talent. Susan Boyle Concert Tickets are on sale now for this tour and are sure to sell out fast.

Known also as the “Woman Who Silenced Simon Cowell,” one of the judges in the talent search, Boyle sold six million copies of her album in six weeks after the event. Her rendition of “I Dream a Dream” from the musical play “Les Miserables” was included in the album.

Boyle, whose real name is Susan Magdalene, dedicated her performance at the Britain’s Got Talent to her mother, Bridget, who urged her to pursue her singing career, knowing Susan Boyle Concert Tickets Datesher daughter would surely win in competitions. With Bridget’s advice, Susan sent cut demo singing tapes to local and foreign television stations, recording studios, and to numerous singing competitions. She sought the help of Voice Coach Fred O’Neal to further hone her singing talent.

Her father, a retired World War II veteran, died in 1997, while her mother passed away in 2007. Being the youngest and without her own family, Susan took care of her till she died. She shunned singing and lived alone in her mother’s house with her cat, Peeble. She made herself busy by volunteering with the elderly in their church, at the same time shelved her singing aspiration.

She was later summoned by her O’Neal to join Britain’s Got Talent, saying it would be her last tribute for her mother. Though she lost to a dancing group during the finals, Susan made a tremendous impact with her powerful singing voice and great performance. She became an instant sensation as shown in 10 million views in You Tube, and tremendous sales of her album after the competition.

Her Christmas album, entitled “The Gift,” followed by the third album, “Someone to Watch Over Me,” also got record sales.

Fans who fondly call her “SuBo,” admired her for being so open with her life, as she also admitted to having Asperger’s syndrome, a certain kind of autism which sometimes caused her some difficulty in interacting with people. Maybe her honesty, her love for her family, and her very beautiful singing voice will truly endear her to millions of fans.

Susan’s First American Tour, is among her most dreamed part of her successful singing career. Find Concert Tickets to any event around the world here at

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Chris Isaak Reveals Summer 2014 Concert Tour

The rock music enthusiasts are this summer going to enjoy to the fullest from the awesome and energetic performance of Chris Isaak. The American rock musician has finally release his long awaited list of the states and specific places that he will be visiting during this summer later in the year. And finally the rock artist: Chris Isaak Concert Tickets to his summer tour have been released to the media houses to keep his fans eager waiting for him this summer.

Chris Isaak Tour 2014The Chris’ concert tour that is expected to start later in the year, has been one of the long awaited event by most of the rock music lovers. This year’s tour for this rock artist is scheduled to take part in most parts of the North America and tickets for the same has also started to be sold out. And unlike last year’s concert where Chris concentrated much on one style of rock music, this year he has promised to mix more styles in the concerts. This is just one his new tactics that the artist will be using to take this summer’s events with a bang.

The 57-year artist has been one of the top rated musicians for his outstanding performances. He has been popularly known for his unique ability to understand the desires of his fans and thus aiming at fulfilling them with great songs and performances. He can perform a wide variety of music such as roots rock, surf rock and rock & roll. Such ability to do various styles has actually earned him respect even from other musicians’ fans in the industry.

Chris has been active in his career for more than 30 year and within this period he also tried doing other things apart from singing. He has been known as an all-round artist from his ability to sing, write songs, act as well as host talk shows. To date, Chris has released 14 albums with his latest titled ‘Beyond the Sun’ which he released in 2011. Chris has also appeared in many movies and motion pictures such as Super Bowl XXX and Chris Isaak hour: talk show.

If ever looking for Concert Tickets, be sure to check out OnlineSeats’ large inventory of tickets to all Concerts around the world.

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Black Label Society Reveals Summer Tour With New Band Wovenwar

Black Label Society is a known heavy metal band from Los Angeles, CA. Zakk Wylde remained the founder of the band and they have released about 9 studio albums. Apart from this effort, Black label Society has also released two compilation albums. They have gone ahead to release one EP and two live albums. Nevertheless the band has also released three video albums. History also records that the band is involved in sludge and groove metal songs. The band has appeared under the labels of E1 Music, Spitfire, Roadrunner, Artemis, Riot Distribution, just to mention a few. The associated acts of the band remain in Ozzy Osbourne, Suicidal Tendencies, Pride & Glory, Megadeth, Metallica, Alice in Chains, Evanescence, Cycle Of Pain, Breaking Benjamin, and Speed X. With this little information you are sure to discover the salience of the band. Black Label Society reveals summer tour with new band Wovenwar is a capture that fans can benefit from. The purpose of the new band tour is to make fans and enthusiasts understand the plan of Black Label Society. Nevertheless, the tour will also help the band share their love for fans. Be sure to get your Black Label Society Tickets because this summer tour will reveal so many hidden treasure of the band.

The members of Black Label Society include Zakk Wylde, Dario Lorina, John DeServio, and Jeff Fabb. These are the present members of the band. History records that the band has featured some great members before. This can be found in the likes of Phil Ondich, Steve Gibb, Nick Catanese, Mike Inez, Robert Trujillo, Mike Froedge, James LoMenzo, Johnny Kelly, Will Hunt, and Craig Nunenmacher. Black Label Society Is proud to unleash greater music to fans this summer. You can check on their songs now and be sure to always check out Online Seats’ Concert Tickets to find tickets to any concert.

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The New Drais Beach Club and Nightclub Opens in Vegas

Are you from or visiting Las Vegas and have always had a problem of how and where to find a nice place to relax at, more so during weekends after all week working? Then worry no more, there is a new thing in town. Las Vegas is one of those great cities where evolution is hand in hand with revolution, night life impresario and to add on it, the most visionary Victor Drai in the industry of hospitality has contributed in the good reputation of Las Vegas has built one of the great beaches you can ever think of. The New Drais Beach Club and Night Club opens in Vegas is the latest multi-sensory experiences absolutely taking the nightlife, entertainment and dining to the greater heights.

Having built himself a reputation as the number Las Vegas night club, Drai is on his way to transforming both the day life and nightlife prospect with his new state-of-the art, rooftop pool venue. The night club is one of its own kinds; it is built on an eleven storey building which is above the famous Las Vegas Blvd.

Drais Nightclub VegasThe New Drais beach club and night club that opens in Vegas, will be the new avenue of its own kind and will be opened with groundbreaking celebrations. This new beach club and night club will be able to accommodate guests 24/7. This new Drai’s is coming with some of the most dedicated and well trained and innovative staffs who will treat you as a king.

The new Drai’s beach club is built on a philosophy which states that, the night club and guests are the first priority. Drai’s will always stress on the comfort of guests. You will never miss one of the most interesting names in the music industry at Drai’s. You will also get to be entertained by the most professional and well trained world class DJs who will play the kind of music that sooths your soul. Pay them a visit today and you will forever remain one of their loyal customers because services at Drai’s are great.

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